Service-oriented, Dedicated Car Specialists

Offering a wide range of services and vehicles at affordable prices, Auto Midas (S) Pte Ltd is now a notable name in the automobile industry known for our value-added services and emphasis on customer service. Our primary business deals in the retail sale of new and pre-owned Japanese and continental vehicles. We also provide a wide spectrum of vehicle related services such as automobile financing, automobile insurance, vehicle spray painting and the retail sale of vehicle parts and accessories. Catering to all vehicle buyers, Auto Midas now offers a wide inventory range- from day-to-day vehicles to high performance cars and luxury makes.

Led by Managing Director, Mr John Tan, our dedicated staff at Auto Midas provides exemplary, value-added services, which exceed customer expectations. Over the years, we have built a reputation with a network of clients based on our trustworthy, friendly and efficient services.

“We have a professional sales team eager to serve customers who are looking to buy or sell their cars, as well as well-trained mechanics to check and ensure that all the cars we trade in are in good condition.”

Additionally, we carry out pre-delivery inspection to ensure maximum customer satisfaction upon delivery. Weekly sales training sessions are also conducted, to ensure that our sales team is up to date with the latest vehicle information, sale process and customer services.

The Road at the Start

John Tan was first introduced into the trade by automobile, industry veteran Mr Wil Yong in 2007. Thereafter, John quickly worked his way up to build up a strong client base from referrals through satisfied and repeat clients. Noticing that customers often changed their cars, John received numerous requests from clients to assist them in trading pre-owned vehicles. When COE prices were constantly rising 2010, John foresaw a strong demand for more pre-owned vehicles, hence this propelled him to decide to start his own business, Auto Midas in March 2010. With the strong support of his network of contacts, John managed to build up the brand name of Auto Midas. Initially starting with a simple setup of two used vehicles, we are proud to be holding fifty cars and experienced an annual turnover of $13 million in the span of 2 years.

Towards the Future

In the pipeline, Auto Midas is continuing looking into increasing its sales staff and investing in the skills and development of individuals in the company. Complementing this, the firm also plans to move into a new showroom to house their growing fleet of vehicles as well as to better accommodate the needs of their clients.

We are looking to expand our network into the international market. In the future, we aim to be a one-stop service provider which is able to cater to any automobile needs of clients.